Education and Career Coaching

For those who find themselves going through a career transition due to restructuring in their workplace or other change events, taking time to deal with the emotional impact opens doors to moving forward. My approach is to work collaboratively to help you figure out your next steps, navigating through uncertainty towards a working plan. In whatever stage of life when you're facing a career transition, my goal is to help you find your strength and resilience to build opportunities.

Helping teens and young adults find their path in both educational and occupational pursuits is another component to my private practice. With increased pressure on our youth to figure out their future and establish a pathway to independence, many find themselves anxious and uncertain about the direction to take. As costs for higher learning increase and job uncertainty looms large, taking the time to figure out possible pathways for education and career is seen as a worthy investment.

My goal is to help young people to find their areas of interest and passion and ultimately help them to find ways to pursue those areas. Engaging youth in exploring their options through self-assessment and the process of developing a plan for education or a career path sets them up for moving forward rather than feeling they are standing still.

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